Morning Links: Obama Halts Offshore Drilling; We Wait for “Top Kill” Results; New Idol Crowned


• President Obama’s “eyes have been opened” to the risks of offshore drilling, a senior White House official tells ABC News. Obama has canceled the August offshore drilling lease sale in the Western Gulf and the lease sale off the coast of Virginia, and projects in Alaska are being delayed. He’s expected to address these changes at 12:45 today.

• Also in BP news, it’s come out that the company chose to use a type of casing for the well that was the riskier of two options — partly to save money. The results of Wednesday’s “top kill” to plug the hole remain unknown at this time.

• The woman rescued by the latest subway hero would really like to find and thank him.

• Amtrak will be conducting an extra security exercise on the morning and evening Northeast Corridor trains. It’s stressed this is not in response to any particular threat or incident. Just the usual ones.

• A group is rallying on Saturday for a new hospital in the Village.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” looks like it will get the 15th vote in the Senate Armed Services committee needed to repeal. The committee will vote today.

• Lee DeWyze won Idol, thanks to the hordes of “frantically texting female tweens.” Power to the people.