NY1’s iPhone App Generating Considerable Amount of Excitement


New Yorkers are passionate about NY1. And now they can be even more passionate about NY1.

I mean, let’s be honest, if it weren’t for Time-Warner Cable’s lock on NY1, most people would have FIOS, because Time-Warner absolutely sucks. NY1 ain’t the shiniest station in town, or the most polished, or the most game-changing for breaking news. But you know what it is? For one thing, only ours. Sorry, Delaware.

For another: there. Always. And it’s not like they can get away with bad broadcast journalism, either, because their audience is a bunch of New Yorkers who can’t stand the other local news goons reporters for that reason alone. Also, especially, definitely: Pat Kiernan, the fascination with and feverent fan-like regard for whom by New Yorkers (aside from being Canadian and on air when crazy things happen, like, always) is difficult to articulate even by me, other than he seems like a pretty straight-shooting if not swell and down-to-earth guy to be delivering your morning news. Unlike, say, the competition, who less resemble broadcast journalists than they do their violative fearmongering jittery newsmonkey contemporaries intent on scaring the world into you at every available entry point before you’ve had your morning coffee.

Well, via John Koblin at The New York Observer, if you really love them that much, you can now put them in your pocket, as NY1’s iPhone app is out there for the downloading from the iPhone store. But really, I know this because Pat Kiernan said so on Twitter the other day:

And what was this unmentionable that he couldn’t tweet?

See! Fervent. What other local news anchors do you know who generate such explicative excitement? That’s NY1 for you. Technology wins today.