Vampire Weekend’s “Holiday” Video Is An Excellent Counterpoint To This Whole M.I.A. Thing



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So here’s Vampire Weekend’s video for “Holiday,” a fairly unremarkable “prancing around in wigs doing rich-boy shit” tableau, but you have to admit that it surfacing today, just as M.I.A. rather inelegantly deals with the fallout from the Times Sunday magazine straight-up calling her out for living in luxury in California and eating olive loaf, is awfully appropriate.

I think we can agree that Lynn Hirschberg’s piece, which she has now paid for with her phone number, was a nine-page dick move, but it was bound to happen eventually: M.I.A. has toyed with politics long on provocation and short on coherence for years now, and the speaking for the people/married to a Bronfman thing is, right or wrong, too juicy for some to resist. Here, then, courtesy of Vampire Weekend, is the other way to handle that dilemma: Ham it up for all it’s worth, infuriating tons of people in the process, but at least making it extraordinarily clear that you’re in on the joke, fishing bottles of champagne out of swimming pools to a jaunty little ska tune. They wolf down the olive loaf right in front of you, before some reporter gets the chance to tell you about it. Which is further infuriating, sure, maybe, but at least they don’t wake up to any unpleasant surprises. Still a pretty good song, too.

Oh, and here’s VW’s song for the latest Twilight soundtrack.