Vegetarian (and Vegan) Delights of NYC: Buon Italia’s Roasted Artichoke Hearts


Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a vegetable is to just get out of its way and let it speak for itself. Such is the case with Buon Italia’s roasted artichoke hearts.

Located in the Chelsea Market, Buon Italia is one of the city’s most reliable sources for Italian ingredients: it carries everything from pasta setaro to panettone, sarconi beans to speck. Out in front of the store sits a display case of prepared foods, including the artichoke hearts. They’re roasted simply with olive oil, and riddled with garlic and a bit of fresh parsley. The edges are lightly caramelized, and provide sweet, lush contrast to the generous (but not too generous) amount of salt used to season the vegetables. They taste faintly of wine but predominately of pure, unadulterated artichoke, which is as it should be. At $13.95 per pound they aren’t particularly cheap, but regardless, they are unequivocally delightful.