Where Am I Eating? Marmaris, in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn


I boasted that the Where Am I Eating contest would be tough this week, but little did I know how tough. The picture was of an octopus casserole smothered in cheese. The best clue lay in identifying the pale, finger-shaped masses as octopus tentacles, and the cheese as something Mediterranean. There is really no dish quite like the Turkish octopus casserole.

The next clue was a beautiful whole flounder, fried and flopping across the plate. This dish is typical of the seafood cookery of the Turks, though Greek restaurants would be capable of producing something similar.

Contestant kim came pretty close. Her first guess was Istanbul Seafood Restaurant, which is on nearby Coney Island Avenue, and her second guess was Cafe Istanbul, which is on the same body of water as the restaurant we were looking for.

The answer is Marmaris, a Turkish seafood restaurant on Emmons Avenue, located right on Sheepshead Bay. Since kim came close to being correct, we’re going to award her the prize. Thanks for your persistence, kim, and congratulations! (Please send your snail-mail address to