Bad Ideas: Baby Tattoos


For today’s What Not to Do, allow us to share FunLobby’s photo gallery of the worst baby tattoos ever. We’d like to go down on the record as saying that no baby tattoo is a good tattoo. Particularly if your baby has … how shall we say … a face only a mother could love? For example:


No, no, no, no, no. And even supposing your baby is cute, why would you want him or her hideously rendered on your own person? When the kid grows up, it’s gonna be pissed. And so are you when the hallucinogenic glow of maternal/paternal euphoria wears off.

Also bad? Creepy little tattooed baby hands, or feet. No matter what the Internet says.

Nine months in the womb versus on the skin 4-Evah? Let’s make some good decisions here.

A tattooed baby, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable, even de rigueur.

This one is so disturbing we don’t even know what to say.

Gonna have nightmares.