Beach, Please: New York Officially Has America’s Best Beach


It’s likely irritating enough for the rest of the country that we think everything here is the greatest thing ever. It must get even more difficult when we know that’s the case. Like when they’re told by a coastal research professor who goes by “Dr. Beach” that America’s best beach is right in our backyard.

Which he just did today: a hearty “mazel tov” to the beautiful white sands and ecosystem of Coopers Beach in Southampton, New York. Via the Associated Press:

Coopers Beach, with pristine white sand gently sloping toward a shoreline of lapping waves, convenient parking and amenities and nary a gum wrapper in sight, has been selected as America’s best beach in an annual survey released today to coincide with the start of the summer vacation season. “New York has world-class beaches, but I don’t think a lot of people in the United States know about them,” said Dr. Stephen Leatherman, director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research.


(A) It’s in Southampton, meaning that in a few weeks, it’s going to be populated with a lot of people, many of whom will be loud, obnoxious Manhattanites going about their days and nights in only a slight variation (white clothing, open-toed shoes) on what they do in Manhattan, and

(B) Poor people basically not allowed. At $35 a day for weekend parking, it’s also the most expensive beach on the list.

(C) It will now likely be overcrowded with beach tourists. Such is the fate of a winner.

Thankfully, kinda, another New York beach made the list, in the fifth spot: East Hampton’s Main Beach, which as they point out, isn’t too far from Coopers, but if you’re looking for something “more chill” (though with less adequate, only slightly less expensive parking, which is a huge factor, apparently), you might — might — find it there, assuming everyone else isn’t like you, and hasn’t thought to hit the second-best beach in the city instead of the first. Heavy is the wave crest that wears the crown. Also, pricey.