Download the Greatest Vocoder-Themed Mix of All Time, Courtesy of Dave Tompkins


At last! Two months after NYC rap writer Dave Tompkins’ vocoder history/odyssey How To Wreck A Nice Beach finally hit shelves, the long-awaited accompanying mix is done. Mixed by Monk-One, compiled by Tompkins, and thoroughly annotated in the writer’s signature faster-than-thought prose over at the HTWANB blog, this is pretty much your definitive guide to the best of the world’s weirdest sub-genre/cold-war cryptography artifact. It’s called “The Bees in Your Beargut” or “Bonus Beach”; download it here. We talked to Tompkins about the genesis of the book/mix back in March:

Well, I think growing up listening to hip-hop in North Carolina–I mean, I couldn’t see Wild Style or anything. I had no access to information about how these sounds were made, other than Shazada Records and Les Norman, the sadly late Night-Time Master Blaster at WPEG. And then you learn about sampling and you track down who the artists are and who produced it, and it kind of creates this research-obsessive, collector-obsessive mind that spills over into other things, and applying this sort of–these correlations between terms and events and things from the past. In tracking all these things down, it kind of creates a conspiracy mindset–you think, all these things have to be related. I think that helps generate ideas and sends you down a lot of different paths. Rap records–the first search engine!

Best Memorial Day barbeque soundtrack ever.

Bode Breaker [HTWANB]

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