Fat Pants Friday: NYC Icy’s Lemon and Coconut Ice


NYC Icy returned to the East Village last week with a certain amount of fanfare: Many moons ago, the flavored ice joint first set up shop on Avenue B. After more closings, openings, and closings than anyone cares to remember at this point, it has opened up a compact, bare-bones stall on Avenue A between 6th and 7th streets. Because few things convey the promise of a warm, sunny weekend like a pleated paper cup full of flavored ice, an excursion over to Avenue A is an ideal, if not particularly fatty, way to celebrate the end of another week of cubicle imprisonment.

A regular-sized serving of flavored ice will set you back a mere $3.25, making NYC Icy one of the better frozen treat deals to be found in Manhattan. The counter serves 20 flavors at any given time, making the list of possible mash-ups almost endless (the menu is split between ices and ice cream). One truly winning combination is lemon and coconut. They’re both blindingly white, and appear to be lit from within by an incandescent bulb. The coconut is flecked with real coconut, the lemon is tart and refreshing, and they’re both thick and creamy, despite the lack of dairy.

Eating the two flavors together is like consuming a very well-made daiquiri. Come to think of it, eating them doused with a bit of rum on a bench in nearby Tompkins Square Park is about as celebratory as Fat Pants Friday can get. While it may rate low on the Fat Pants scale — it barely qualifies for even a pair of skinny jeans — the lemon-coconut ice more than fulfills the Fat Pants edict that sensory pleasure is not a privilege, but a right, especially when it’s a Friday afternoon and the sun is bathing the pigeons, drunks, and stroller moms of Tompkins Square in a sweet and heroic light.

Also consumed: cherry and chocolate chocolate chip. The cherry tasted like cough syrup, but the chocolate chocolate chip was pretty dreamy.