What is Page Six Writer Neel Shah Doing on The City?


One of the best parts about New York City’s history of legendary gossips is that they’ll do almost anything for a story. Even if that means fighting the Tet Offensive in the Mekong Delta of awful cultural contributions to Western Society: an on-camera appearance on MTV’s mouthbreather-friendly master document of self-interest, The City.

We’ve heard word of this for some time, but allow us to express a moment of astonishment. That shit’s still on the air? But no, really: Page Six gossip Neel Shah – someone who used to work for Gawker – is now on The City.

If you can grasp the reality of this, you can then grasp how this is like the inmates running the asylum, or at the very least, starring in a well-lit staging of One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest. But that’s assuming Neel doesn’t know what he’s doing. Which he likely does.

See, we enjoy watching our fellow gossips go “deep cover” to get the scoop on what kind of pre-meditated nonsense the young, beautiful, ostrich-decedent cast of The City is getting around to these days. It appears they know his title, but not his intentions. This is some Donnie Brasco-level infiltration. And if you know what’s up, you know a gossip like (the “magical” berry-selling, public “drug” “abuser”) Neel’s likely hustling a long-game hustle you can’t knock. Kudos to him for that. You can’t keep a good gossip down.

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