BP Oil Spill Sticking Around the Gulf Through Summer


In the latest from the historic American environmental mess in the Gulf of Mexico, BP is now warning that amid the failure of the “top kill,” crude oil may be leaking into the water until August, according to The Washington Post. And as the responsibility continues to bleed from BP toward the Obama administration, the president’s adviser Carol Browner told the Sunday morning show Face the Nation, “American people need to know that it is possible we will have oil leaking from this well until August when the relief wells will be finished.” Plus, it might be worse before it’s any better.

Will people still be paying attention a few months from now?

As the oil spill stories continue to worsen, pessimism about the corporate and government response is unavoidable. But amid the relentless negativity, it’s easy for outrage to turn to frustration and eventually apathy, as the entire ordeal feels increasingly futile. Heartbreaking visuals, like from The Big Picture, keep it feeling real and dire, but the AP, too, has an educational interactive feature worth checking out. The diagrams explain everything from possible causes to government reaction and historical context.

Check it out.

(Photo via The Cajun Boy; full set from Sunday’s protest in New Orleans’ Jackson Square here.)