Louis Farrakhan and Friends Crash Obama’s Memorial Day BBQ


Can’t the president catch a goddamn break these days? All the man wanted to do was enjoy a burger, maybe a hot dog with some extra salt, on this sunny holiday weekend, but some thuggish types from the Nation of Islam had to engage in a sort of “stand-off” outside. On the opposing end? None other than another thuggish group: the White House press corps. Predictably, the Secret Service got involved, but no punches were thrown. Someone did have to pee eventually, though. More on that later.

It all started because someone stepped on Louis Farrakhan’s lawn. And it gets more bizarre from there.

As per the Chicago Sun-Times, with details from a White House press corpss pool report:

Just a few blocks from Obama’s home in the Kenwood/Hyde Park neighborhood, Obama’s friend Marty Nesbitt lives across the street from the ornate yellow-gold home where Farrakhan lives.

For the past two years, when Obama has brought his family over to Nesbitt’s home, the press pool bus parks near Farrakhan’s house. This usually does not cause a problem, but Saturday night — as most of the city was indoors watching the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals — a bit of tension emerged on Woodlawn Avenue.

When “someone’s foot touched the city-owned curbside grass” outside of the Farrakhan home, his goons descended, bullying Obama’s own Secret Service bullies (referred to by the crew of the home owner as the “CIA”), keeping a close eye and doubtlessly intimidating the hell out of the sissy press corps.

Eventually a dozen “Fruit of Islam” agents arrived. As each casually dressed man arrived, he exchanged elaborate handshake/hug/double air-kisses with others. Two walked by a reporter, chanting “Islam.”

The men filmed and photographed the reporters, the van and its license plates with their cell phones.

Eventually the situation calmed and Obama left before 11 p.m., like a responsible adult who runs the world, but not before a reporter had to pee:

The agent asked the reporters to go back into the press bus, which they did.

Before they did, some asked the Nation of Islam crowd if they could use the rest room in Farrakahn’s home.

No offer was made.

No news was made, either, but it’s quite a story nonetheless.

[via Mediaite]