Morning Links: The Memorial Day Edition


• Happy Memorial Day Monday! Today we honor the U.S. soldiers who’ve died while in the military service, and (most of) the rest of us get a much-needed day off work. Federal and state offices, post offices, schools, banks, and Wall Street are all closed …

• If you’re feeling festive, the Memorial Day offerings are aplenty.
–The Met (along with other New York City museums) is open for Holiday Mondays.
–There are parades all over the place, plus Fleet Week celebrations, and more (piano in Bryant Park?).
–You could just relax and enjoy the 82-degree weather for a change. (Thunderstorms expected tonight, so bring an umbrella.)
–Or what about a free Memorial Day concert from the Philharmonic?

• It’s also Quit Facebook Day. The site/call to action, initiated by two guys fed up with the social media site’s privacy policies, among other things, has nearly 27,500 committed quitters as of this post. Of course, that’s less than 2 percent of the people on the site. Have you quit?

• In other news, a military helicopter blew down trees while landing in a Staten Island park this morning, injuring at least five people during a Memorial Day demonstration.

• At least 10 civilians were killed when Israeli naval commandos raided a flotilla carrying food, medicine, and other aid for Gaza this morning. Per Salon, the Israeli Defense Forces claims its soldiers were attacked with clubs, knives, and “handguns” when they boarded the ship without permission, but none of the Israeli soldiers were killed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his plans to meet with President Obama tomorrow and will return home today to deal with the aftermath.

• BP’s last effort to plug the hole was a failure, and the new plan may just make things worse. Ugh.

• If you’re just sitting around in your apartment being depressed about BP, enjoy these real-time pics of Manhattanhenge!