New Yorkers: Not So Good With the Driving


The insurance company GMAC has tested New Yorkers with their new national drivers test, and the results are not so fabulous. According to tabulations, New Yorkers got an average of 70 on the 20-question test. (Runnin’ Scared got a 65.) Which, if we recall from our high school days, is not going to win us any awards.

Adding insult to our own impending injury, we scored worst of all of the states, including Alabama and Mississippi, who usually claim that prize. God, we’re even worse than Florida, where some of the drivers can barely even see.

Kansas, annoyingly, did the best.

But can we just go ahead and blame this on cabbies? I mean, how many of us actually drive anyway? Not to mention, the top driving mistake is multitasking, which, in fairness, pretty much describes any instance of driving, not to mention living, in New York.

At least we’re way better at walking than anybody else.

Test your skills (or lack thereof) here.