Ads on Baby Bumps Prove Nothing Is Sacred, Economy Is Back


There is selling yourself, and there is using your face to sell something for someone else, and then there is hiring out your unborn baby to shill for you from the sanctity of the womb.

Blog2Print, a website that exists for the rather retro purpose of helping bloggers make their blogs into books, is holding a belly bump casting call in New York and online to find two “spokesbellies” who will help them get out their message. Despite the frightening reality that we are now okay with promoting merchandise in absolutely any place possible, there’s something oddly appropriate here — printing a blog, printing (super-imposing, to be exact) on a belly — well, maybe it’s the naval-gazing aspect, but it resonates, if in the most shill-happy sort of way. You supply the flesh, they supply the message.

To celebrate motherhood and the mommy blogging community, Blog2Print is becoming the first advertiser to buy “space” on belly bumps*. They will be organizing an open casting call for pregnant women……because every time a baby is born a potential mommy-blogger is born too.

That little factoid scares the hell out of us, but hey, who are we to judge? If you have a bump but find it somehow lacking in aesthetic appeal, maybe a corporate logo, or a cheery little message like “Congratulations — it’s a Mommy Blog!” would jazz it up. (You’ll also get diapers for a year.) Details on the casting are here.

The rest of you pregnant ladies, run and hide immediately, because it turns out that absolutely nothing is sacred. The good news: This is hardly recessionary behavior.

*A New Zealand woman reportedly sold her bump for ad space back in 2005, but it was only to wear a T-shirt from the winning advertiser. How quaint.