Banana Bread Beer, Brewed by Wells & Young’s, Gets 62 Stars


Here begins a new series in which we taste beers found in bodegas all over the city, seemingly at random. Please suggest beers you want us to try.

“Whoa! It smells like bananas,” a friend observed as I poured the beer down the side of the Stella Artois stemware, where it puddled and sent up a lethargic head. Hmmm, not for foam lovers. The amber color was appealing, though.

It turned out Banana Bread Beer not only smelled like bananas, but tasted like bananas, too, and not the artificial banana of bubble gum. The flavor is nicely balanced with the hops, the banana component more a whisper than a shout. The whole thing was a little sweet, but not in a disagreeable way. If it weren’t so expensive — at $3.21 per bottle in beer-friendly bodegas — it could be your new summer beverage.

Beer: Banana Bread Beer
Color: Amber
Body: Light
Flavor: Banana (label says “bananas and banana flavor”)
Foam: Some
Brewer: Wells & Young’s, Bedford, U.K.
Size: 11.2 U.S. ounce bottle, yellow label
Alcohol: 5.2 percent
Rating: 62 stars
The Rating System: Out of 100 possible stars. In this system, Coors Light is arbitrarily assigned “0,” and we’re not telling you what “100” is, because we don’t want to reveal our personal beer prejudices.