Dionne Warwick Fed Karen Carpenter!


In her foreword to Little Girl BlueRandy L. Schmidt‘s new book about that ’70s purveyor of vocal sunshine Karen Carpenter–another musical icon, Dionne Warwick, tells a bittersweet story.

She remembers running into Carpenter in New York and asking her to her hotel suite for lunch, “not knowing that eating was the last thing on her mind.”

The “Close To You” singer–who happened to be in town to undergo therapy for anorexia nervosa–looked rail thin, but miraculously, Dionne got her to eat a cup of soup with some saltine crackers.

Top of the world.

And it wasn’t the end of the optimism.

In ’83, when the two ran into each other again, Karen jubilantly exclaimed to Dionne, “Look at me, I’ve got an ass!”

A fun moment, but it was the last time she saw her.

No Mama Cass jokes, please.