Early, Frenetic Adoption of iPad Leads to Early, Frenetic iPad Theft in Brooklyn


Apple reports that 2 million iPads have been sold since the device hit the market a mere two months ago. Last Friday, iPads finally rolled out for a bunch of jealous countries including Australia, Britain, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland. In July, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands will get their turn.

Per arbiter of fairness Steve Jobs,

Apple is now doing everything in its power to ensure there are enough iPads for everyone.

Except…not everyone. Brooklyn experienced its first-ever iPad theft on May 28, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The victim was using his iPad near the corner of Park and Waverly in Fort Greene at 7:45 p.m., “when someone ran up behind him and snatched the device out of his hand.”

The thief was last seen running down Park Avenue toward Clinton Street, obviously looking forward to checking out his new toy.

Fortunately, the stolen iPad was insured, and the victim was “not too bummed.”

But the more important takeaway here is that just 25 days after the April 3 launch, the tech market and Brooklyn economies supported iPad theft. Comparatively, it took at least 5 months from the point of launch for the first iPhone to be stolen in Park Slope. We truly are entering a new era of technology for the people.

Keep a tight hold on your iPads, cause, you know, a lot of these trends start in Brooklyn.