Irving Plaza Is Officially Irving Plaza Again


Goodbye, “Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza”–your many syllables and unwieldy national branding associations will not be missed. The Times reports today that Live Nation is backing away from its attempt to get New Yorkers who have been attending shows there since the ’40s to call the venue by the longer, less felicitous name they gave it back in 2007. “Since I’ve been here I haven’t had anyone say to me, ‘What a great idea that was,’ ” a Live Nation executive told the Times. “Almost everybody I talk to in the New York music scene, one of their first experiences was at Irving Plaza. And I’m really excited to be able to bring back to the New York music scene what people have overwhelmingly desired.” Why they ever thought otherwise, who knows, but welcome back! Wonder why they’re doing it now?

The change is a rare admission of misjudgment by Live Nation, a giant worldwide promoter. But since the company merged with Ticketmaster this year, its every move has been scrutinized, and Mr. Morrow — who began running Live Nation’s operations in New York a few months after the name change — said the restoration of the old name was part of a companywide effort to improve its image.

“The mantra at this company now is fan-friendly and band-friendly,” he said. “Since the merger we’re finding our way.”

So yeah, please make sure to thank this national corporation for graciously restoring to the people of New York City a name we never stopped using in the first place.

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