Morning Links: International Criticism Mounts Against Israel, Hurricane Season Begins, Quit Facebook Actually “Update Your Status” Day


Israel is holding more than 600 activists from the Gaza convoy, and international criticism of the country is mounting, with the UN condemning the acts that on Monday killed 9 civilians — many of them Turks, a country that had once been a friend of Israel — aboard the flotilla that had been transporting aid to Gaza.

• It’s the first day of hurricane season, and tropical storm Agatha has caused the deaths of at least 73 people in Guatemala.

• Officials are reporting that al Qaeda’s No. 3 — Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Uthman Abu al-Yazid, known as Shaikh Sa’id al-Masri and Mustafa Abu al-Yazid — has been killed.

Coney Island had its first stabbing of the summer, just outside of the new Luna Park, when two teens got into a dispute on Monday. Meanwhile, a park spokesman reports projections were far exceeded for the opening weekend.

• Jersey just wants everybody to know, that stadium where everyone is going to freeze watching Super Bowl 2014? Yeah, it’s in New Jersey, not New York. Senator Frank Lautenberg wrote a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asking him “to ensure that the NFL appropriately describes the site of the game as ‘New Jersey/New York’ and not simply ‘New York.”’ Credit where credit is due!

Ted Koppel’s son Andrew was found dead in a Washington Heights apartment Monday morning after a day of drinking. He was 40.

• Bikers have a new left-turn lane on Bowery.

Hardly anyone actually quit Facebook on Quit Facebook Day.

• Are we about to embark on another “Summer of Death”? Watch and wait.