Quickly’s Fried Black Rice Cakes


Quickly, the Taiwanese bubble tea joint that has locations in both the Manhattan and Flushing Chinatowns, concocts a host of sweet beverages. You can order the namesake tea, fruit slushes, jelly slurps, milkshakes, pudding drinks, and fruit vinegars from a front counter, or sit down in back for a shabu-shabu feast. But the best reason to frequent Quickly are its cheap, delicious snacks, easy to eat while strolling the neighborhood.

For $2.99, get a hot paper bag filled with fried black rice cakes. The crisp rectangles are coated in chile powder (to a greater or lesser degree depending on your preference). Grab one of the skewers provided and spear up one of the snacks. It’s crunchy-chewy outside, steamy and nutty inside — all of it imbued with a spicy kick. The shop also sells fried chicken, squid balls, and tempura fish cakes.

237 Grand Street