Ride The Animals At Chelsea Piers’ New Carousel


If you thought there were some wild creatures running around Chelsea, wait till you sit your stuff down on the ones that comprise the funky new carousel on the pier–a beaver, an Atlantic salmon, a skunk, a turkey, a cormorant, and even a tiny little sea horse.

Having just eaten all of the above at a German beer hall in Hell’s kitchen, I felt this was my way to reconnect with and perhaps offer apologies to the fabulous animal kingdom.

And speaking of animal behavior, the above photo by Cathay Che documents how I gingerly sat atop the “butterfly unicorn” while writer Tim Murphy made a startling spectacle out of riding the lobster as if it were a Scores pole.

He gave such a passionate performance (as the workers clapped and hooted along to a Lady Gaga song) that they gave us a free ride as a reward!