Shocker: New Yorkers Don’t Need a Yard to Grill; Big Salt Fights Back


New Yorkers didn’t need a backyard to grill this past Memorial Day weekend. There are 36 parks across the city that have areas for barbecuing, and people will even cook on their fire escapes.
[NY Times]

Flooding, poor construction, and a string of related delays made the long road for two women to open their own pub even longer. But Night of Joy is now open in Williamsburg.
[NY Post]

The staff at Etsy participate in a weekly locally sourced “Eatsy” lunch, cooked by chef and author Kitty Greenwald, and meant to promote camaraderie and good health.
[Wall Street Journal]

With salt under attack, the food giant Cargill has launched a campaign of its own, with Food Network star Alton Brown singing the praises of salt.
[NY Times]

Snapfinger allows you to order takeout from such chain restaurants as California Pizza Kitchen, Outback Steakhouse, and Subway using an Internet or mobile app.
[NY Times]

The Internets Celebrities make short videos about the city, such as Bodega, which explores the meager food options available in certain neighborhoods.
[NY Times]

When it comes to pet food, most brands are the same. But those labeled “complete and balanced” specifically meet Association of American Feed Control Officials standards.
[NY Times]

The fruits and vegetables dubbed the “Dirty Dozen” contain 47 to 67 pesticides per serving, and include celery, peaches, strawberries, and apples.