The SoHo BP Station Sign: Defaced


Should BP be held responsible for the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that everyone’s very upset about right now? Absolutely! But should BP stations – which are run as independent franchises who are supplied gas by BP – feel the same pain? Consumers certainly think so, especially in New York, where the same BP station that was “occupied” by sea-animal costumed protesters on Friday has now had its sign defaced as well.

Yup, anyone passing by the BP station on Houston and Layfayette today are going to see this, the work of some young, angry vandal who decided that they’d had enough of BP’s environment-ruining shenanigans, and they were going to start their work to offset the damage BP’s done to the world by…putting mud on a sign that some guy who BP has the barest of connections to is going to have to clean off. How’s the song go? You say you want a revolution, man? Well, sling some mud. Or something like that.