Wall Street Bees to Move to Connecticut, Just Like Actual New Yorkers


A swarm of “worker” (har har) bees was seen hanging around the door of Cipriani’s at 55 Wall Street on Monday in an unprecedented event that attracted a huge crowd of video-taping onlookers and many, many news stories from editors who’d been just aching for a pun all Memorial Day weekend. This very special New York Post clip covers the event with a fun balance of overstated drama, child-friendly narration, and implicit self-mockery, we think. I mean, yeah, bees on Wall Street! Holy shit! (Video after the jump.)

What resonates most in this story, however, is that bees are just like us. Crowded out of their tiny apartments, they go out in search of new digs but can’t even get into Cipriani. It’s a well-worn path from, say, the East Village to Soho to Wall Street to Connecticut, where you can actually, maybe buy a house. Or a hive.