BP CEO Apologizes on Facebook for Saying “I Want My Life Back”; Oil Spill May Continue Through December


Tony Hayward, BP’s now infamous foot-in-mouth CEO, has apologized today for saying “I want my life back” on Sunday when, of course, people actually died in the oil rig explosion and countless others who weren’t in charge of the company have had their lives upended by the spill (so far). His statement, via BP America’s Facebook page:

“I made a hurtful and thoughtless comment on Sunday when I said that “I wanted my life back.” When I read that recently, I was appalled. I apologize, especially to the families of the 11 men who lost their lives in this tragic accident. Those words don’t represent how I feel about this tragedy, and certainly don’t represent the hearts of the people of BP — many of whom live and work in the Gulf — who are doing everything they can to make things right. My first priority is doing all we can to restore the lives of the people of the Gulf region and their families — to restore their lives, not mine.”

The latest on the spill is that it may take until December to fix the leak, which would mean 4 million barrels of oil floating around in the Gulf, which would “wipe out marine life deep at sea near the leak and elsewhere in the Gulf, and along hundreds of miles of coastline,” according to Harry Roberts, a professor of Coastal Studies at Louisiana State University. With hurricane season also comes the threat of a tropical storm or hurricane requiring evacuation of the workers trying to stop the leak — and in an evacuation, of course, oil would continue to flow into the Gulf unabated.

Hayward, as we know, has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time (remember when he told cameramen taking photos of the spill to “get outta there”? Or the time he said the wee little spill was no biggie considering the giant ocean?) and this apology reads “too little too late” to us. But in bittersweet justice served, BP shares have taken such a hit that once this crisis is done (and we hope for the sake of the Gulf and those who live there, if not for Hayward, that it’s soon), our money’s on a pink slip for the big guy.

He should take a lesson from this shoplifter kid, who didn’t do just the “easy thing” and have his PR flacks say sorry via social media.

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