Five Ways to Flog and Blog Your Slumlord


We told you earlier this year about New York City’s 10 Worst Landlords, but some tenants are spreading their own words.

Your elevator may not work, but if your computer still does, at least you can hassle your landlord. Here are five web sites (in no particular order) that have been erected by frustrated and angry tenants. Maybe you’ll pick up some tips:

500 W. 140th Tenants Association

This lively site is run by Vicki Richman, something of a career evictee. These days she lives in a Harlem building owned by Perseus Capital, one of this year’s Voice dishonorees.

Lots of hassles in this building. And the damn elevator still doesn’t work. “We cannot keep surviving on Chinese and Indian take-out,” Richman writes.

She does a good job tracking her landlord’s various non-responses — “SLUMLORD SENDS A NASTYGRAM,” “SLUM HOG MILLIONAIRES,” “CONTEMPT!,” and “LANDLORD ON THE LOOSE” introduce juicy vignettes.

Richman’s site is stuffed full of documents. Especially helpful is her penchant for posting her unanswered letters to various officials of the corporate landlord’s Perseus/Cronus Capital/Steven Carter entities. Here’s one from late April:

Our elevator has not moved for five weeks, and we see no hint of any attempt to repair it. In January, it was down for three weeks. When Philip Tager and Steven Carter bought the property, in May 2007, they fired the building super, and no employee of Cronus, H.I.G., or Perseus has resided here since.

Richman also mines public records to publish their home addresses and the charity boards their wives sit on.

Tomorrow: A second site for sore eyes.