Fultummy’s: When Bad Hours Happen to Good Restaurants


Back in April, Sarah DiGregorio proclaimed her affection for Fultummy’s, a new sandwich shop on the Red Hook-Carroll Gardens border. Lost City also enjoyed its “international” sandwiches, which it proclaimed “very good.”

But very good sandwiches are no match for having decent opening hours: Brooks of Sheffield recently took to Lost City to bemoan the restaurant’s erratic hours and apparent kitchen mismanagement, writing, “WTF? You’re a sandwich shop, not a formal restaurant. If you want to stay in business, you serve sandwiches all the time and are open as long and as often as possible.” Commenters on the post agreed with the assessment, with one claiming that the owners didn’t seem to care about making any changes.

Yesterday, Lost City noted that the restaurant was closed yet again: According to a sign on its window, the owners were “trying to improve our kitchen and new items on our menu.” A call to Fultummy’s earlier this afternoon was picked up by a worker who assured us that the restaurant was indeed open for business this evening, so with any luck, they have gotten their game together, and yet another decent neighborhood restaurant won’t fall prey to bad management.