Hipster Grifter to Gawker: “Fuck You!”


Kari Ferrell — the urban celebrity and New York news sensation known to many as Brooklyn’s “Hipster Grifter” — is out of the pen, and (what else?) blogging regularly for ANIMAL NY. This week, however, she used her column space to take those who made her infamous to task.

In a post entitled “The Time I Almost Took Gawker Media Down,” Ferrell explains that she was approached by lawyers who wanted to assist her in filing a civil lawsuit that they argued could’ve put a pretty penny in her pocket (the legal way), though the potential charges aren’t detailed beyond “misreported information.” She does note that far more frivolous-sounding lawsuits have succeeded, though concedes that if she went through with a lawsuit, her “days in the limelight would be more numbered than they already are.” Were? No, are, because Ferrell has been nominated for an award at The Webutante Ball, an event Gawker.TV is sponsoring for Internet Week 2010, which celebrates the internet in New York with a bunch of self-congratulatory parties and proctological speaking panels.

The original Hipster Grifter story — about Ferrell “grifting” a few Williamsburg “hipsters” — was a huge hit when it originally appeared in the New York Observer, written by Doree Shafrir, who used to (and since her Observer tenure ended, sometimes still does) write for Gawker. Gawker then took the story and ran multiple posts on it, in effect, “griftering” the story from the Observer. Well, in the aforementioned Animal NY post, Ferrell has some harsh words both both the Observer and Gawker:


You’re telling me that I can sue each company that misreported information, as slight as it may have been, for thousands of dollars each? All I have to do is sit here, in jail, and wait for the money to come rolling in? Well, fuck you, Gawker! And fuck you, Doree Shafrir, you oddly-named-mommy-blogging-bitch!


SHOTS GRIFTED! Also, I’m pretty sure Shafrir has no children to speak of. Don’t you need children to be a mommyblogger? Regardless, it’s a little strange that Ferrell is biting the hand that fed her fame now, though not all that surprising: she did get me to write that headline, and won my attention with a misleadingly-titled post. You can teach an old grifter new tricks, apparently. And these ones look ripped straight from the Gawker School of Headline Writing, no less. Impressive. For her, they’re the organization that keeps on giving.