Jay Electronica’s Show In Red Hook Last Night Featured A Bonkers Pharoahe Monch Freestyle And Some Rather Unkind Words For The Police


So Jay Electronica dropped by Red Hook Park last night for a show that seemed just a bit more… intense than Conan O’Brien’s fete uptown. Per friend-of-SOTC Carter Maness:

The Brooklyn-via-New Orleans MC plowed through recent favorites such as ‘Exhibit A,’ ‘Exhibit C’ and ‘The Ghost of Christopher Wallace’ before putting the local police on blast. While screaming “F— the police,” Elect clarified that that term was only meant for cops that abuse authority and get off on perpetrating senseless violence and shows of power against people that are unable to defend themselves. The rant built to some crowd-stirring real talk levels when Jay eventually proclaimed, “If you blow one our heads off, from now on we’ll blow one of your heads off” while pointing down the NYPD standing at the edge of the park.

Yes, Summer 2010: “If You Blow One Of Our Heads Off, From Now On We’ll Blow One Of Your Heads Off.” And then Pharoahe Monch showed up (see above, and really, please see above) to further clarify: “When I attack I’m more legend than Acura/Flip Bloomberg the bird, bitch/More blood than Blacula.” Jesus Christ.