Joe Biden Visits Brooklyn Bridge, Compares New York to San Francisco


Joe Biden dropped by the Brooklyn Bridge today to tell Manhattanites — yes, they did it from the Manhattan side –what a big (fucking) deal it is that the federal government shelled out $30M from the Economic Recovery Act to help repair the Brooklyn Bridge, a project that New York City is spending $286M on. What’d he have to say to the gathered crowd? That our bridge must be mentioned in the same sentence as…San Fransisco.

Via NY1:

“Here’s the deal. This and the Golden Gate Bridge are the two most recognized bridges in the entire United States of America, among the two most recognized bridges in the world. To be here, to be able to be part of helping restore this iconic bridge is a pretty neat thing,” said Biden. “This project symbolizes nearly 1,200 bridge projects that are underway under the American Reinvestment Act.”

No, here’s the deal, Joe Biden: you came to the Brooklyn Bridge, spoke on the Brooklyn side about the relatively small sum of money you gave our bridge, and then compared it with San Fransisco, which is not New York in so, so many ways and our bridges have so, so many differences between them. Also, thank you for making a show of reminding New Yorkers that one of their most trafficked commute routes from Brooklyn into Manhattan (and vice-versa) will be closed for 24 — 24! — weekends. That’s just annoying. Worst Brooklyn Bridge speech basically ever.