Keith Kornfeld Takes Over at Pranna


A little more than a year after Gavin Portsmouth was hired to share chef duties with Chai Trivedi in the kitchen of Pranna, the Murray Hill Southeast Asian restaurant has announced that it has a new executive chef. Per a release, Keith Kornfeld is now the man in charge. He previously worked at restaurants and hotels in New Orleans, Hawaii, Thailand, the Maldives, and Fiji, and trained at London’s Nahm, a posh Michelin-starred Thai restaurant.

Time will tell how Kornfeld’s new menu expresses the “stimulating sensual and evocative adventure” that Pranna describes on its website. But given that all of the press clips on the site focus on all of the celebrities who supposedly frequent the bar and lounge section of the restaurant — which comes complete with a velvet rope — it seems that Pranna could use something in the way of actual sustenance.