Smurfs…Now Filming in Jail?


We’ve been following the Smurfs movie filming rather diligently, since it’s occurred primarily in our East Village stomping grounds (as well as in Soho, Midtown, and the Upper East Side) … and also, it’s the Smurfs. But things just keep getting more interesting. Today we heard an odd rumor that the movie is filming at the Nassau County Correctional Center in East Meadow, New York — following a casting call with prisoners.

Now, this brings up all sorts of questions, not least: Does the Correctional Facility get a payout from Columbia/Sony? How does the green screen work in prison? What’s the ideal prisoner prototype for casting in a Smurfs movie? And whatever sort of convoluted, wackadoo plot is now incorporating jail time for the little blue guys and Neil Patrick Harris?

We spoke to a very nice lady at the Nassau County Correctional Center who was not able to confirm or deny this rumor, but said she would hook us up with the production company — which certainly seems to indicate a connection there. We’ll update as we know more.