The Unlikely Confluence of Men, Beards, and Cupcakes


Just in case you thought any combinations of food, people, and funny pictures had gone unexplored — there’s a website called Dudes With Beards Eating Cupcakes that offers pictures of hirsute guys eating cupcakes.

The site is a one-trick pony, but some of those are the best, aren’t they? The photo collection poses the question, Were these pictures gathered in the field, or are they staged shots? Did someone go around with a box of cupcakes from various places, and, stumbling on a bearded guy, ask him to eat one while posing for a photo?

A more important question: Does this website insult bearded men? I smell coffee-table art book!

Thanks to Mike Epstein — one of the bearded ones — for pointing this thing out.

Next: A picture that didn’t make the cut.

Unbearded guy refusing to eat a cupcake.

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