This Week, in the Voice: Is This Woman Too Hot to Be a Banker?


Debrahlee Lorenzana was a banker at a Citibank branch in Midtown Manhattan. As you’ll see from our cover, she’s an attractive woman. But too attractive to keep her job? Elizabeth Dwoskin asks as much in this week’s Village Voice cover story, Is This Woman Too Hot to Be a Banker?

There’s only one surefire way to get cool in the city, though: its Music. Stacey Anderson takes note of Woody Allen’s Jazz Evangelism, as Allen gives the Voice a rare interview about a culture he feels needs more than just preservation. Is Allen the New Yorker to do it?

Meanwhile, Cristina Black sets out to find the truth about Manhattan Inn, “the awesomest new bar in Brooklyn” and “a horrifying hipster clusterfuck.” Finally, rapper Joell Ortiz tries to stay cool as his home – New York City – changes around him.

Speaking of hot, in Restaurants this week, Robert Sietsema heads out to one of if not the last real Tex-Mex restaurant in New York City, El Cantinero, while Sarah DiGregorio sizes up the spices at Tamarind Tribeca, downtown’s new Indian fine dining joint.

In other things heating up? Our Columnists have some. Michael Musto finds something hot in the post-legit theater of My Big Gay Italian Wedding when he’s not hanging with David Dinkins at the Friars Club. Tom Robbins finds something to get steamed about with a lawyer who’s got a case about a prosecutor rigging a jail sentence: his own.

More scorchers this week in Arts: Michael Feingold has to put the flame to a show he finds honorable, Playwrights Horizons’ The Burnt Part Boys. Meanwhile, P.S.1’s Greater New York show isn’t so great, apparently, as it gets burned by our art critic, Christian Viveros-Fauné. Meanwhile, dance critic Deborah Jowitt finds ABT’s production of Lady of the Camellias lukewarm.

If you can’t take the heat, get in the movie theaters, though: J. Hoberman chills on Hitchcock’s Cold War mashup, Double Talk, and is the indie distribution market a desert, or a lush landscape? Anthony Kaufman asks what’s After Miramax. And in Dumb Summer Movie news, Nick Pinkerton puts the monsters of Splice under a microscope to see what he can find.

All that, plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Michael Musto, Free Will Astrology, and Dan Savage. And then some. All ways to stay cool in a hot city. Not that it’s hard, here.