Tiny Williamsburg Thief Charms Victims With Apology Note


Via Racked, we’ve learned of a recent happening at the pretty great Bedford store Catbird in which a 7-year-old shoplifter took a locket for his mom under the alleged advice (manipulation?) of his older sister.

However, despite the “bad kid scenario” you might expect, the child thief has totally won over his victims with a handwritten, illustrated apology note. Proving that remorse for your mistakes is far more important than whether or not you actually make mistakes, and adorable remorse, punctuated with adorable misspellings, will have you free and clear by recess.

For instructional purposes only:

We talked to the ladies at Catbird, who told us the $15 locket was in a candy dish and could easily be construed as free by a kid (but probably not an adult, so don’t get any ideas). After the parents discovered the crime, the father of the little boy brought him in with the note, and an employee shook the boy’s hand, told him he’d done the right thing, and thanked him for his honesty. He then ran, teary-eyed, into his dad’s arms. Collective awwww.

“I think he’ll probably be too scared to come in again,” said the employee, Claire, “but we thought it was the greatest thing ever.”

Okay, this warms our cold hearts. We also think this kid is going to make an excellent boyfriend/husband someday.