Video: Three Months of Marina Abramovi? in Three Minutes


Performance artist Marina Abramović’s constantly talked-about Museum of Modern Art residency – where you could wait on line and stare at her – ended on Monday with puke and noise and essentially, the kind of scene you’d expect it to end with. What to take from it?

A souvenir video! The proprietor of Marina Abramović webcam captures dot Tumblr dot com created a stop-motion video out of all the captures they took from the webcam MoMA had hoisted above Abramović. And now, you can see a bunch of them in a time-lapse, and live through the entire thing in three minutes.What you’ll see is that a lot of people of many different stripes took part in something very interesting, and stared at Marina Abramović.

The major takeaway here is that few art stunts have involved so many different New Yorkers so well, and that the game for this kind of thing, it has been changed. Here’s hoping the Street Pianos come correct.