Zapp’s Gumbo Potato Chips


Supremely crunchy and available in flavors like dill pickle and crawfish boil, Zapp’s might be the best American potato chips.

The company is based in Gramercy, Louisiana, so maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised when, while shopping at the Greene Grape, we spotted these limited-edition gumbo snacks. Gumbo-flavored chips? Like roux and okra and shrimp and sausage?

Well, not quite — the chips are addictive but turn out to be less than strange. They taste more like barbecue than anything else: sweet and tangy with a bit of smoke. The ingredients listed include onion and garlic powder, paprika, turmeric, and “spice.”

The back of the bag says that an employee was moving a pallet of various spices when it fell, making a spice-mix mess. Someone stuck their finger in it (hopefully the floor was clean) and pronounced it delicious. And that, the story goes, is how the gumbo chip was born.