Five Ways to Flog and Blog Your Slumlord. Case No. 2: Shaya Boymelgreen


We told you earlier this year about New York City’s 10 Worst Landlords, but some tenants are spreading their own words.

Yesterday we pointed out one web site erected by frustrated and angry tenants. Here’s another:

Shame On Shaya

Not all bitchy tenants are poor. The well-off condo owners in the Newswalk building — the former Daily News printing plant in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn — have produced a snazzy site to hassle high-powered, high-profile developer Shaya Boymelgreen.

One of their main gripes: Boymelgreen took the really solid old building at 535 Dean Street and converted it into luxury condos with some really shoddy construction.

He’s been obstinate and bitchy himself, too, as others have pointed out. This onetime “star of the real estate boom,” as the Times has called him, appears to be in deep financial trouble on several fronts, and his response to the Newswalk tenants’ complaints hasn’t helped.

“What do they expect — a Manhattan building?” he was quoted by the Times as saying to an architect hired by tenants to resolve construction problems.

Tenants in the 173-unit building have an ongoing lawsuit against Boymelgreen. This site, however, is sexier, complete with slide shows, court documents, and press clippings.

Check out the video testimonial by world-renowned jazz virtuoso Richard Bona, whose instruments were damaged by a persistent roof leak. (And Bona is notoriously a soft-spoken, shy guy.)

The Voice has written plenty about Boymelgreen, but you’ve got to hand it to the Newswalk residents: This is no doubt the only trilingual anti-slumlord site in the world.

We asked building leader Michael Rogers why he bothered to translate the site into Hebrew and Russian. He said the point was to tell people who live in Israel, where Boymelgreen has much business, what’s going on on our side of the ocean. “We figure if reaching Russian-speakers is important to Shaya, it’s important to us,” Rogers said.

Tomorrow: A third site for sore eyes.