Hemant Mathur Is Leaving Devi, Opening Tulsi


Hemant Mathur, the co-chef-and-owner of Devi is leaving that restaurant — one of the best higher-end Indian spots in town — to open his own place, Tulsi.

What this means for Devi and its remaining chef, Suvir Saran, is not immediately clear, but Feast reports that Walter d’Rosario will be stepping up in the kitchen.

Tulsi, which means “basil” in Hindi, will be in Midtown, and is shooting for a September opening. It will serve Mathur’s take on high-end Indian. The chef is a whiz with the tandoor, and his tandoori lamb chops and giant prawns will come along with him from Devi. Other menu details are not yet forthcoming. The desserts will be the work of Mathur’s wife, Surbhi Sahni, who was the pastry chef at Devi.

“He’s really revved up and ready,” said a representative for the chef.