Here’s Major League Baseball’s Most Guilt-Ridden Umpire, Jim Joyce, Holding a Puppy


Maybe you’ve heard that last night, on the very last play of what was an otherwise perfect game for Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga, umpire Jim Joyce missed the call, thus costing Galarraga his perfect game. Everybody – whether you’re a fan of the team throwing the perfect game or not – wants to see a perfect game. It’s like catching a shooting star. And to ruin it on the last call? It’s a terrible thing.

Joyce even admitted he ruined the call, telling a Detroit sports talk radio station “No, I did not get the call correct. I kicked the shit out of it. I had a great angle, a great position, I just missed the damn call. This isn’t a call. This is a history call. And I kicked the shit out of it. And I took a perfect game away from that kid who worked his ass off all night.”

Oh, man. Joyce feels bad. Everyone back off him. Now the heat’s on Bud Selig, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, to reverse the call. And apparently, Selig is still reviewing the call, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. But via The Big Lead, here’s a picture of Jim Joyce holding a puppy.

America, forgive this guy. He knows he fucked up, and he was just trying to do his job. And he can hold a puppy. We all have our moments, you know?