Mike Bloomberg Seeks to Hire Creator of “Meaningful Tweets”; Wall Street Journal Readers Clamor for Future Employee’s Raise


Polish off those resumes, cause Bloomberg is looking to fill the brand new position of chief digital officer. Just in time for Internet Week! The city seeks someone “to help develop forward-thinking policies on social media, digital communications, Web 2.0 initiatives, and other tools to better serve the public.”

You should also be a good communicator with an “entrepreneurial spirit.” Plus, able to create online video, blog sites, and meaningful tweets — and “engage communities online in Facebook the same way that the city currently does offline,” says Todd Asher, COO of NYC Media, in an interview with Business Insider.

Salary: between $57,000 and $125,000. Not too shabby.

But the tech elite who read the Wall Street Journal are already complaining that this still-to-be-hired employee deserves a raise. Says one commenter:

They need to up that rate, you have privacy policies, SEO, web security, and much much more.. $250k. year.. if you want the right person at least.

You hear that, Bloomberg? Note to self: Consult with Wall Street Journal readers regarding any future wage negotiations.