Morning Links: President Obama to Meet Jan Brewer Today, Tony Hayward to Apologize Again, MTA Salaries on the Rise


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will meet President Obama today at the White House. She has said “she will paint a picture of her state as ‘under siege’ by Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants.”

Government officials say no to nuking the leaking oil well in the Gulf. Apparently it would violate arms treaties, as well as potentially killing us all. Effort we’ve-now-lost-count is now underway, but no one really thinks it will work.

• Watch for BP CEO Tony Hayward to apologize again today — this time in new TV ads.

• One American citizen is said to have died in the Israeli commando raid on the aid flotilla bound for Gaza.

• Police are identifying victims after a series of drive-by shootings in England Lake District killed 12 people and injured 11. The gunman, a taxi driver, committed suicide.

• Despite efforts to cut costs by cutting service, MTA salaries increased last year for the second year in a row. More than 1 in 4 Long Island Railroad employees make $100,000 a year.

• “Marriage-like” ceremonies for same-sex couples begin today at City Clerk’s offices in New York City.

• Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan all have really fast broadband.

• Baseball great Ken Griffey, Jr., has retired.