New York Post Emerges Victorious in Teen Sex Study Headline War


So you’re at the New York Post, and you see a story come in over the AP wire that’s only so interesting to so many people: teenagers are having sex – as always – but more are using as birth control the “rhythm method” – or the timing of one’s fertility period – than ever. 17% now, in fact, as opposed to 11% in 2002. Which is too bad, because the “rhythm method” fails about 25% of the time.

None of which matters, though, if nobody reads it. Especially if you’re at the New York Post. So how do you play this one?

With the eye-catching genius that is good ol’ fashion ‘Think Of Young People Fucking,’ is how:

People outside of New York, we can’t make this stuff up. This is really what the New York Post is like. It’s like living somewhere between an issue of Spider Man and the End of Days whenever you open one. There aren’t laws against this – not that their should be – but you have to wonder if the AP reporter who filed this story knew their work would be…de-filed like this. Anyway, reminder, teens are having risky sex in 2010. Now you know.