No. 7 Is Opening a Nolita Restaurant


Having conquered Fort Greene and the Ace Hotel, the No. 7 team is setting its eyes on Nolita: The latest Community Board 2 agenda shows that Matthew Maddy, the designer behind No. 7 and the No. 7 Sub Shop, has applied for a liquor license for 168 Elizabeth Street, which is currently home to a laundromat.

As Eater notes, plans for the restaurant have already met with opposition from neighbors convinced that the restaurant will actually be a beer garden: Flyers have been posted around the neighborhood asking residents to write letters of protest to CB2.

However, it looks like their fears are misplaced: Maddy has told Eater that the restaurant won’t, in fact, be a beer garden, but a tiny 25-seat restaurant located beneath the laundromat. There won’t be a standing bar or outdoor seating, but hopefully there will be more deep-fried tofu.