Pap Alert: Something Borrowed Films Quite Peaceably in the East Village


Kate Hudson vehicle Something Borrowed — about a Manhattan attorney who becomes involved with her best friend’s fiancé (ugh) — is filming in the East Village today and tomorrow, on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street, if you want to say hello. And though we have the requisite low hopes for this movie, the filming today was surprisingly delightful, reports Annie Werner, who was on the scene. The East Village, it’s more like Hollywood every day.

What we learned: People actually like Kate Hudson for having no range. Preschoolers can direct. And the filming of Something Borrowed is really far too pleasant for words. We’re starting to get suspicious.

So, Annie, tell us what you saw! Was it a big crowd? When we scouted out the Smurfs filming, it took up like three blocks!
It’s not really a big crowd. They only took up a fraction of the block. Most people just walked on by. A group of preschoolers walked by and one of them shouted “cut!” in the middle of the scene.

Kids, they grow us so fast these days…Do people seem to actually be interested in the movie?
I talked to a friendly Australian who said, “Everybody likes Kate Hudson. That’s why she always does the same movies.”

There is strange logic there. Do you see Kate?
K-Hud is MIA.

What about the cameramen, are they jerks? Any pap fights?
No, in fact, they’re very courteous. Every 10 minutes or so they stop filming to let cars through, and one of the crew let the preschoolers shout “rolling!” at the start of a scene.

God, that’s freaking adorable. You didn’t happen to see what Ginnifer Goodwin’s take-out was, did you?
No, it came in an ambiguous brown bag.


Reporting and photo by Annie Werner.