Rockaway Tacos Returns With Plans for a Friday Local Fish Fry


Rockaway Tacos reopened at the corner of 96th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard this past Memorial Day weekend. The crowds turned out — some barefoot, others proudly sporting their Rockaway Tacos T-shirts — clamoring for fish tacos. (And deservedly so: Well-seasoned, crunchy batter and crispy-chewy tortillas hit the spot on this comically windy day at the beach.) Chef Andrew Field was buried (“It was gnarly, dude!”), but is looking forward to expanding the menu over the course of the next month.

“We’re going to do a Friday local fish fry,” says Field. “A bunch of the local fishermen have been catching blue striped bass.”

The Tortilleria Nixmatal tortillas he was planning to use this summer are a little expensive for everyday service at Rockaway, he explains, but he hopes to use them in the Friday specials. The 36 tomato and cucumber plants on the roof are about one month away from harvest, at which point they too will be used in the kitchen.

“We’re getting pork shoulder and butt from the Meat Hook, which makes our sausage, for some the specials. We want to do more traditional Mexican dishes,” he adds.

Field says he’s also expanding breakfast hours from weekends only to Thursday through Sunday. He will do chilaquiles, and use eggs from the five hens he keeps in Red Hook. Items like arroz con leche are coming to sweeten the menu soon.