Whole Foods’ In-House Forager; Jean-Georges’s Resident Juicer


If you ate just foods advertised on television, you could exceed the government’s recommended daily amount of fat by 20 times and sugar by 25 times.

Harvindar Singh is Whole Foods’ only full-time food forager, and is based in the Bay Area, where he seeks out little-known, locally made products and ingredients.
[Wall Street Journal]

Brandi Kowalski is in charge of juicing at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen, where she makes everything from almond milk to fresh yuzu juice.
[NY Times]

The Cooking Channel will not only feature “grittier” food shows, but also a drinks show that visits such hip cocktail bars as Dram in Williamsburg.
[USA Today]

Irn-Bru, the bright orange caffeinated drink popular in Scotland, is being forced by the U.K. Food Standards Agency to remove its signature artificial coloring.
[Wall Street Journal]