Fat Pants Friday: Trois Pommes Patisserie’s Pumpkin Whoopie Pie


Fat Pants Friday is meant to be a celebratory affair: If you’ve waited patiently for the past four days for the week to finally grind to an end, marking the occasion with a subpar baked good misses the point entirely. You might as well eat a fistful of wheatgrass and call it a day. And usually, our Fat Pants excursions turn up treats that are worth writing 300 glowing, adulatory words about. But sometimes, that doesn’t happen.

Pictured above is a pumpkin whoopie pie from Park Slope’s Trois Pommes Patisserie. It costs $2.50, and despite the generous dimensions the photo may imply, it’s slightly larger than a golf ball. The cake part is fluffy and slightly dry, but tastes pretty good, like very mildly spiced pumpkin bread. The filling is fine, but there’s not nearly enough of it. This is a decent and serviceable baked good, but doesn’t really merit the kind of exclamations that gave it its name.

Normally, we’d hunt down something else to write about, but to be honest, after looking at these photos of what else is going on in this country, we don’t have much of an appetite. Most weeks, Friday is a time to celebrate, and desserts are worth getting all worked up about. But sometimes, one has to stand back and take stock of the larger world and conclude that there are worse things in life than a middling whoopie pie.

Trois Pommes Patisserie
260 Fifth Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn