Five Ways to Flog and Blog Your Slumlord. Case No. 3: Rivergate Apartments


We told you earlier this year about New York City’s 10 Worst Landlords, but some tenants are spreading their own words.

For past two days, we’ve pointed out web sites erected by frustrated and angry tenants. Here are some other people trying to make some noise:

Heliport — Rivergate Apartments (videos here, here, and elsewhere)

It’s nice that when you go to the Rivergate apartments’ web site, you’re greeted with the mellowest jazz stylings. Then, when you go to Rivergate itself, it’s not nice anymore. You’re blasted by the screaming decibels of a way-too-near helipad.

That’s in essence the message of a series of REALLY LOUD YouTube videos that a Rivergate couple posted to tell the story of their travails with their landlord, Manhattan Skyline Management Corporation.

They moved to New York City so that the wife could attend NYU Dental School. They moved to the Rivergate, at 401 East 34th Street.

The broker neglected to tell them, they say, of the nearby helipad, which truly is deafening. What a headache.

She wound up studying on the bathroom floor — the quietest place in their pad. It may not sound like a huge problem, but just take a listen.

Next week: The last two in our series.